3 October 2022

Phone screenshot of freezing chickens with the message They're all freezing to death. Literally, one after another

Freezing Kaporos Chickens Need Your Healing Thoughts & Rescue Team Needs Your Donations to Help Support Their Nonstop Rescue & Medical Care!

Last night Jill Carnegie, our Rescue Team Coordinator for the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos, wrote to me:

“Very busy day with lots of extremely sick birds from the rain and cold. We revived 3 from being all but dead by injecting steroids immediately in the car and blasting heat. Very intense day. Healing thoughts sent to these babies would be appreciated.”

LOOK AT THESE BABY CHICKENS in this video: They are FREEZING to Death and Kaporos Rabbis do nothing. Meanwhile, our Rescue Team members are working tirelessly to rescue and provide aid to as many birds as possible.


Please Give, Care & Share.

Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos

Today, Jill wrote:

“We have rescued 107 birds so far, 9 total at yesterday’s actions in the freezing rain.

“One of them has a severe respiratory infection, necrotic skin patches, and a fractured wing. His name is Daniel and he is with a very qualified vet doing everything they can to stabilize him prior to surgery. We have many more photos, but here are a couple. One shows him in the crate, the other on arrival at the veterinary hospital. He was given meds and his wing was bandaged at our triage hospital so that he had a better chance of making the drive to the vet.

“Here are some images of the babies at death’s door in the freezing rain, including in the car when we immediately injected them with steroid to revive them, to when they were dried, medicated, and cuddled under heat at triage prior to foster.”

Chicken cradled in arms appearing to be near death

Seven chickens in a crate that appear to have died

Crates filled with chickens cold and wet on the street

Thank you for caring and giving.

Karen Davis, PhD
United Poultry Concerns & Founder of The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos