29 October 2021

Boys twisting a chicken wings

Kaporos 2021: Chaos, Care and Rescue in Brooklyn, and a New Film

In 2021, NYC's animal rights community staged a multi-front effort to help the estimated 100,000 victims of Kaporos, an annual ritual animal slaughter that violates multiple city and state health and cruelty laws and puts the public at risk of a zoonotic disease outbreak. — Donny Moss, Their Turn

Please read this report and watch the film and share this alert on social media.

The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos is grateful to Donny Moss of Their Turn for documenting this year’s Kaporos including our vigorously coordinated effort to help the chickens and educate the public about the horrific suffering and death inflicted on these birds –  over 700 of whom the Alliance Team rescued and placed in loving homes and sanctuaries around the country. — United Poultry Concerns