7 September 2021

rescued chicken bandaged and recovering

Great News!
Matching Donation for Kaporos Chicken Rescue!

Your donation will now have double the impact.

A generous donor has pledged a matching donation of $10,000 to assist our rescue of Kaporos chickens. We need your help raising $10,000 to receive these much needed matching funds.

The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos plans to rescue hundreds of survivors from this year's Kaporos rituals in New York City. It is estimated that 375-450 chickens will have secure homes to go to by the end of the Kaporos Week this year. Your donation is projected to cover:

  • The triage and foster of the 5-week-old chickens as they are rescued.
  • Emergency care by experienced sanctuary caretakers from Tamerlaine and VINE sanctuaries.
  • Veterinary expenses for birds requiring amputations or who have infected/necrotic wounds.
  • Transport to every region of the United States to their forever homes.
  • Support offered to sanctuaries making special arrangements to increase their capacity.

NYC Kaporos Rescue Fundraiser:

2021 Kaporos Rescue Fundraiser


Help us reach the $10,000 we need to receive the matching donation that awaits!

If you wish to use PayPal for your donation, please include a note saying "2021 NYC Rescue."

Donate via PayPal

Prefer to mail in your donation? Please make check payable to:

  United Poultry Concerns
  Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos
  PO Box 150
  Machipongo, VA 23405

rescued chicken bandaged