8 August 2020

Shimon Shuchat on the street passing out flyers
Shimon Shuchat passing out flyers

Animals 24-7 Recounts the Courage of Animal Rights Activist Shimon Shuchat, Who Died in late July.

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On August 6th, United Poultry Concerns posted In Memory and Honor of Animal Rights Activist Shimon Shuchat, who died by his own hand on Tuesday, July 28th. We are adding to the moving tribute to Shimon by New York City animal rights activist and award-winning filmmaker, Donny Moss, this article by Animals 24- 7.

A gifted person, intellectually, emotionally, and morally, Shimon suffered from chronic depression. His suffering included a profound empathy with abused animals to the point where his empathy appears to have contributed to his inability to continue living. Despite his suffering, fragility, and shyness in public, Shimon worked courageously for animals to the end of his life. That is the most that any of us can do.

Shimon Shuchat’s death is a tragic, irreplaceable loss, but Shimon, so kind and selfless, is an inspiration for all of us working for animals and animal liberation. We honor him.


Read the Animals 24-7 article