6 August 2020

In Memory and Honor of Animal Rights Activist Shimon Shuchat

United Poultry Concerns shares the loss and sadness that is felt by fellow animal rights activists who knew and worked with Shimon Shuchat on behalf of the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos in New York City. Shimon worked for justice for all animals who suffer from human cruelty and abuse. We are deeply grateful to Donny Moss, the creator of Their Turn, for writing the following tribute to Shimon and helping us better understand Shimon’s dedication to animals and animal rights despite a lifelong battle with depression. We are grateful to have known and stood beside Shimon for the chickens and for all the creatures who cry for human mercy.

Their Turn

Shimon Shuchat, a 22-year-old animal rights activist from Brooklyn, died on Tuesday, July 28th. In spite of being so young, Shimon was one of the most wise, humble, ethical, empathetic and hard-working activists in New York City. He was also extraordinarily smart. No tribute, including this one, could do justice to Shimon.

Animal rights activist Shimon Shuchat

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