13 October 2019

Jill Carnegie Live at Kaporos Vigil in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Kaporos Vigil in the Crown Heights

Jill Carnegie, UPC’s Campaign Strategist for the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos, spoke live Oct. 7 at the Kaporos Vigil in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, where animal activists offered water and watermelon to as many as possible of the 60,000 chickens crated for days on the streets for the Kaporos ritual in which certain ultra-Orthodox Jewish populations “transfer” their sins and punishment to the chickens each year in the days leading up to Yom Kippur.

Alliance Organizer Jill Carnegie tells us what is happening in the midst of this brutal infliction of gratuitous cruelty on helpless birds. Watch:


Live at the Kaporos Vigil in Crown Heights, Brooklyn