25 September 2018

Thank You For Enabling Us to Meet – Exceed – Our Goal for the Kaporos Chickens!

Dear Friends,

We’re thrilled to inform you that thanks to your generous donations to help with this year’s rescue, rehabilitation, and transport of more than 300 Kaporos chickens, we have reached and exceeded our goal of $10,000, which is being matched with a $10,000 gift from a donor who joins you and all of us in supporting the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos! We raised a total of $12,121!

Right now, rescued Kaporos chickens are receiving veterinary treatment including surgeries in some cases. They are thriving in the loving care and humane services they’re experiencing for the first time in their lives, from a variety of dedicated individuals, groups, and sanctuaries. A lot of care is being given to these birds in a process that will continue until every survivor is placed in a responsible home or sanctuary where that care will go on.

We’re pleased to share a few photos of these sweet birds and their friends. We want you to know how much they mean to us and how much your compassionate contributions mean to these birds and to everyone working on their behalf.

Thank You!

Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos


To view these and other photos of this year’s rescued Kaporos chickens and some of the stories and groups involved, please visit our Kaporos Facebook page

Alliance To End Chickens As Kaporos


Chicken recovering on a pillow in a home.

A chicken that appears to be dead laying amoung garbage bags

Crying woman reaching for a chicken in the garbage

Robin's Rescue

Bowie the chicken in surgery

Meet Bowie.

Hard to imagine that this bird under sedation in surgery to have his wing amputated is one of the lucky ones. But he is.