11 September 2018

Great News! Matching Funds for Kaporos Chicken Rescue!

Help us raise $10,000 by Tuesday, September 18
– one week from today

Lori Barrett with her rescued Kaporos chicken Isa at And-Hof Sanctuary, November 2014
“I’m free from Kaporos! Please help my sisters & brothers be saved from Kaporos.”

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled that a donor has pledged a matching donation of $10,000 to assist our rescue of Kaporos chickens next week in Brooklyn, New York. We must raise $10,000 to receive these much needed matching funds.

We have 30 sanctuaries from coast to coast set to adopt these precious birds who are otherwise marked for a horrible death by starvation, thirst, terror, abandonment and filthy bloody knives in the streets.

Costs include veterinary care, food, truck rental and transportation costs from Brooklyn to the Pacific Northwest where, all along the way, 150-plus chickens will experience peace and love, thanks to the compassionate generosity of volunteers and donors who support UPC and the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos.

Help us raise $10,000 by Tuesday, September 18 – one week from today!

We’re counting on everyone who cares about these baby birds to help us bring them to safety and kindness for the rest of their lives.



Thank You


2018 NYC Week of Vigils for the Chickens

Kaporos, or “atonements,” is an ultra-Orthodox Jewish custom in which live chickens are swung over practitioners’ heads and then slaughtered as substitutes for the punishment meant for the practitioners themselves.

End Chickens As Kaporos