10 September 2018

Kaporos Chickens in NYC Need Your Help and Support!

2018 NYC week of vigils for the chickens

We need your help and support as part of our ongoing campaign to shut down the ritual animal sacrifice of Kaporos, which begins in only a few short days. We have hundreds of people ready to take a stand for the innocent victims, and we invite you to join us if you possibly can:

Vigil Details

Costs associated with our peaceful actions are mounting: They include coveralls and face-protective masks, signs, and tools to give water and food to the young chickens left stacked in crates for days. We also do what we can to provide some funds to those who take in the rescued chickens to offset some of the initial veterinary costs. We could use your help! Please contribute today to help us ensure that all costs are covered while we continue the fight to end this brutal practice:


We are six weeks old.